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Customer Service

“Loyalty for Customer, Devotion to Profession, enthusiasm in collaboration, Integrity—Success”, which is our core value culture and also is our sincere career belief.
Since being established and with the above faith, Orient Color Printing members make unceasing progress and development. Through the various aspects of cooperation and collaboration, we cultivate brand and share fruitful results together with all customers. A handshake with us, we will always be friends.
■ Adhering to the contract, strict producing process control and strict quality inspection
■ As customers required, deliver the printing items timely and accurately.
■ Control center 24 hours on duty, after-sales service Tel 24 hours online, customer feedbacks are able to get efficient communication and implemented the first time around.
■ Regularly pay return visit to customers, truly listen to customers’ suggestions, record and implement the advice.

In Orient Color Printing, nearly 200 international and domestic famous brands have chosen a long term win-win cooperation with us, such as Mobile, Unicom, Mengniu, Yili, Huiyuan etc. We improve and witness the refulgence with all these lovely partners. In Commercial printing, booking printing, package printing, Orient Color Printing will always be your reliable partner.