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Partner Orient color printing

Name: Yili Group

We’ve became a national supplier of Yili since 2012. We mainly provide them with carton boxes, paper bags, promotional products, etc. The value of the products we provide is more than CNY ¥40 million in the recent two years.

Name: Mengniu Group

Our company has been a national supplier of Mengniu Dairy Group seven years in a row since 2008. We mainly provide them carton boxes, paper bags, etc. The value of our contract rise steadily year by year. The value of our contract has reached CNY ¥25 million in 2013.

Name: Huiyuan Group

Our company has been a national supplier of Huiyuan Group 9 years in a row. We mainly provide posters, flyers, labels, gift boxes, carton boxes, paper bags and other products for them. The average annual value of our contract is more than CNY ¥25 million during these three...

Name: PepsiCo

The annual value of the paper hand bags we’ve provided for PepsiCo is about CNY ¥3 million per year since 2009.

Name: E-Jiao Group

The cooperation between us and E-jiao Group started in 2010. The mainly supplying products from us include hand bags, paper boxes, instruction books etc. The annual value of output is CNY ¥6 million per year.

Name: Jinluo Group

We’ve been the supplier of Jinluo Group 4 years in a row. The annual value is about CNY ¥10 million.